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JUST as there are many levels of consciousness among various dimensional beings, there are also many varieties of UFO crafts. Some of them are made of very dense material formations, while others are very etheric (less solid) in nature. Those that are etheric can be from fourth to fifth dimension levels. The higher the dimensionality of these ships, the faster they are able to move. Many of them are constructed of light essences, or are of etheric physicality, and are very similar to a holographic construct, yet set in place and able to move at the speed of light. Most UFOs utilize the fourth dimension, which is time. Only third, fourth and fifth density beings require craft. Entities from sixth density and above can be considered light beings—those at one with the entire universe. These beings are equivalent to (or in touch with) the entire plane of consciousness in the universe and do not require spacecraft, or any material forms, for communication and connection.

Crafts from the lower dimensions that have been recovered and studied are not what we would expect either. They do not feature bunks, toilets, and leisure lounges, as one would expect on a long interstellar voyage. Instead, these UFOs are not machines as we know them, but time-travel or interdimensional travel devices. There are smaller scout craft like those recovered at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, as well as mother ships that are larger than an aircraft carrier. For the fourth and fifth density beings, the crafts are somehow intelligently steered, using an invisible interface between pilot and craft.

In other cases, such as the glowing orbs, there is nobody inside. The orbs, or “foo fighters” as they were called by Allied pilots during World War II, were not seen so much as a craft but as a light, pulsating with a glow. However, it is thought the orbs need mercury to function. The orbs are commonly seen as creating crop circles, and observers report seeing them chased away by black helicopters.

Both the orbs and UFOs are flown using “thought command” to guide the aerial devices. In the case of the orbs, it is presumed they are guided by a remote viewing pilot. The thought command system on UFOs is connected directly to the pilots through a sort of electrical “nervous system” on the craft, which can be controlled by their own minds. The bodies of each crew member are likewise tuned into and connected to the nervous system built into the spacecraft. In fact, the spacecraft is modeled in much the same way as the pilot’s body. It is adjusted specifically to the frequency of each crew member. Therefore, the craft can be operated by collective thoughts, that is, the mental energy emitted by the pilot and crew. It is really a very simple, direct control system. Thus, there are no complicated controls or navigation equipment on board the spacecraft. They operate as an extension of the biological bodies and minds of the crew members.

The spacecraft is navigated by direct interaction between the electronic waves generated within the minds of the pilots and the craft’s directional controls. The electronic brain signals are interpreted and transmitted by the headband devices, which serve as a craft interface, along with hand indentation panels. The brain-wave control for navigation directs the pilot’s thoughts and translates them into an electronic circuit. There is no steering wheel or conventional method of control on the spacecraft, and the headbands are designed to pick up signals from the brain. The sensors on the headbands correspond with points on the multi-lobed brain that generate low-frequency waves, so the headbands form an integral part of the circuit. The single-piece, skin-tight coveralls spun around the pilots also play a role. The lengthwise atomic alignment of the fabric also allows the body of the pilots to become part of the electrical storage and generation of the craft itself. It is not just to steer or navigate the vehicle, but the pilots actually became part of the electrical circuitry of the vehicle, vectoring the craft in a way similar to the way we can voluntarily order a muscle to move. The vehicle is simply an extension of their own bodies because it is tied directly into their neurological systems.

This technology is reminiscent of homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors trace the human body down to a channel of light. So when it comes to space travel, it is advisable to know what you are getting into—to consider what kind of potential is out there. With the proper insight and star charts, along with a capable craft and crew, any place in the universe is only a moment’s thought away. Interdimensional spacecraft would include a tiny cold fusion reactor in the center of a spinning disc whose center is stationary. In one model of how UFOs fly, the outside of the disc somehow is made to rotate at nearly the speed of light and then everything can scale up to infinite speeds or connections, ascending into the fourth dimension. (Basically, the fourth dimension is a realm of pure light—a higher vibrational overtone—a place where one’s thoughts can instantly manifest.) After making a sharp 90° turn, only the pilot and passengers can determine the next destination, arriving as instantaneously as their collective thought. Space travel is not necessarily sending a ship from one area to another. It is more like beaming the passengers between ships from one area to another instantaneously. Theoretically, no time is involved.


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