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on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 14:11

THE explosive growth of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that began in mid-September, 2011, and spread to cities across America, and then globally within weeks, illustrates the growing awareness and deep discontent of people worldwide. The banking cartel, under any different name, will do nothing to change the status quo. And nothing ever will change under their power. They are happy to create credit out of thin air, charge interest which is never credited, and control people and politicians alike. There is not enough money on credit and principle to ever pay it all back. The whole money system from the time it was created was designed for human suppression and control. When “99%” of the Occupy Movement expressed outrage about the bondage of corporate banking, it struck a chord with a wide audience. Their demand should be no less than an end to private banks, their ability to control credit, and governments having to borrow from private banks at interest. As a leaderless consensus movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the worldwide Occupation Movement, the 99% organized and articulated a simple message: We will no longer tolerate the 1% wielding the power they gained with a promise to serve in our best interests, but instead are serving only themselves.

How can we break the bonds of mental emancipation we now find ourselves under and the illegal “truth embargo” they impose? People have been trained to believe that which they are told—whether it is truth or a lie, to the point where we are simply victims of the lies. But are we? They are the few and we are the many. If we stay divided, they win. If we all become aware together, even just ten percent of the world’s population, then they can no longer keep their vice grip on power. If we fall back into fear or into perpetual conflict among ourselves, then they will win.


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